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Costs and next steps
Costs and next steps

Costs & Next Steps

THE FIRST MEETING is called an assessment. This is time for both of us to see if this is the right service for you and for you to see how I work.  If for any reason my service is unsuitable, I have a referral process.  This means, I will offer you names of other recommended individual counsellors or therapy services so you do not feel at a loss.

My fees for an individual is £65 (per session) and my couples fee is £70 for the hour. Family sessions are £85 per hour. Sessions are on a weekly basis. My charge for the assessment is the same as session fees above.  If company referral, EAP, please contact me direct for sessional rates.

Please contact me to set up your first meeting now.

'I was curious to know more'
‘I was curious to know more’

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